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    • Get a loan of up to R180 000

    • Flexible repayment periods

Welcome to CashLender, in partnership with Uloans, where you can apply for a personal loan from R8,000 up to R180,000.

Competitive rates, consistent payment amount each month and quick turnaround times make CashLender the perfect choice for your personal loan provider.

CashLender's thorough onboarding process means that your money will be paid out super fast, usually within 24 hours. We won't do any credit checks until we're right at the end of the process, where you have the strongest chance of approval.

Features and Benefits

CashLender offers personal loans to ensure you have the financial assistance you need, in dire times. Whether it’s a small home improvement or purchasing a vehicle that doesn’t qualify for car finance - a personal loan provides you with unquestionable cash on hand, to use as you need.

A personal loan is a quick financial solution that provides great interest rates, while ensuring that you pay off your debt in a reasonable amount of time. This is excellent for your credit ratings and the overall financial wellness of you and your family. Fixed interest rates mean that you can have security when it comes to your monthly finance budgets and how you handle your money.

Settle nasty credit cards and other debts while avoiding the high interest rates that come with them - personal loans only require a single monthly payment. Worry-less when it comes to finance and focus on the things that matter. A single debt payment means you may have additional funds to save, or use as necessary, resulting in a happier life overall. Make the right choice when it comes to borrowing money and choose a personal loan with CashLender today. CashLender also includes a Personal Protection Plan to ensure your loan is protected in the event of death and disability - giving you peace of mind and a sense of security. 


CashLender understands that taking out a personal loan can be difficult at times. However, with ongoing support and ease of use through your mobile, you can keep track and stay on top of your finances to reach financial freedom!

Representative example of total cost of a loan from CashLender :

Loan amount of R40 000 borrowed over 24-month period with an interest rate of 21%.

Approx.interest rate 21%
Loan Amount R40 000
Total Monthly Instalment R2,326
Total Amount Payable R55 824

(Loan repayment periods range from 6 to 24 months. Interest rates are regulated by the National Credit Act (NCA))